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A vector graphic is a type of digital image that is created using mathematical equations instead of pixels. In a vector graphic, lines, shapes, and colors are defined by geometric objects such as points, lines, curves, and polygons, which can be resized or modified without losing quality. Vector images can blow up as big as you need with out pixelating.


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The word “vector” has its origin in Latin, where “vectus” means “carried” or “conveyed.” In mathematics and physics, a vector is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction, representing a displacement or change. This term was introduced in the 19th century to describe directed line segments. Today, vectors play a crucial role in various fields, including physics, computer science, and engineering.

The term “vector” in graphics, specifically “vector graphics,” is related to the mathematical concept of vectors. Vector graphics use geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes represented by mathematical equations. Unlike raster or bitmap graphics, vector graphics are resolution-independent, meaning they can be scaled without loss of quality. The term “vector” in vector graphics reflects the use of mathematical vectors to describe and draw images. This format is widely used in graphic design, illustration, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Vector graphics are typically created using specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and are often used for logos, illustrations, and other graphic design applications. They are particularly useful for tasks such as printing, where high-quality output is required at a variety of sizes. Not to mention, in wide format printing too such as billboards, banners, yard signs and more.

Most vector files formats should be:

  • svg (scaleable vector graphic)
  • eps (encapsulated PostScript)
  • ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • cdr (Corel Draw)
  • pdf (portable file document) created by a vector program

Compared to raster graphics (which are made up of pixels), vector graphics have a number of advantages, including smaller file sizes, scalability without loss of quality, and the ability to edit individual elements within the graphic. However, vector graphics can sometimes be less suitable for detailed or photorealistic images, where a raster graphic may be a better choice.

Vector files can blow up in dude without distorting.

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