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Font – It is what makes the words on printed and screened designs. #Font


Words, words and more words. Sometimes icons and symbols can be used as font. There are millions of fonts, and even copy-cat fonts out there. The three primary types: Script, Serif and Sans-Serif.

Font - It is what makes the words on printed and screened designs. #Font

Script is like a cursive or in some cases a hand writing look to it.

A Serif has either a small strokes or extensions at the end points of them.

That means Sans-Serif do not have any strokes or extensions. The word Sans means without.

Symbols or icons are another form,these are not letters and usually are icons, symbols, emoticons, etc.

I guess that can sum it up! The term for designing with fonts is Typography.

In order to use fonts, you have to have it installed on your device, computer, etc.

In the older days of graphic design, you had to have a Font Manager, such as Suitcase, that can turn on and off fonts being used or not used.

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