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Small Press Day

Small Press Day is an annual celebration of independent publishing and the vibrant community of small presses around the world.

Small Press Day

Small Press Day is an annual celebration of independent publishing and the vibrant community of small presses around the world. #SmallPressDay

The event was first launched in 2016 by the UK-based independent comic book publisher, Broken Frontier, as a way to highlight the work of small presses and to connect readers with the diverse range of publications that they produce.

Small presses are independent publishers that typically produce books, zines, and other printed materials in small print runs. They often focus on niche subjects, experimental forms, or alternative perspectives that may not be commercially viable for larger publishers. As a result, small presses play an important role in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the publishing industry by giving voice to underrepresented communities and perspectives.

Small Press Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in July each year and is marked by a range of events and activities organized by independent bookstores, libraries, and other venues around the world. These events may include book signings, readings, workshops, and exhibitions featuring small press publications and their creators.

One of the key aims of Small Press Day is to showcase the creativity and diversity of small press publishing. This is achieved through the promotion of a wide range of publications, including comics, graphic novels, art books, poetry collections, and literary fiction. The day also provides an opportunity for small presses to connect with readers and for readers to discover new and exciting publications that they may not have encountered otherwise.

Another important aspect of Small Press Day is its focus on community. Small presses are often run by passionate and dedicated individuals who are deeply invested in the work that they produce. By celebrating small press publishing, Small Press Day helps to foster a sense of community among these publishers and their readers, as well as to raise awareness of the important role that they play in the publishing ecosystem.

Here are the dates of the first Saturday in July to celebrate Small Press Day

  • July 2, 2022
  • July 1, 2023
  • July 6, 2024
  • July 5, 2025
  • July 4, 2026

Overall, Small Press Day is a valuable and important celebration of independent publishing and the vibrant community of small presses that contribute so much to the diversity and richness of the publishing industry. Whether you are a publisher, a creator, or a reader, Small Press Day provides an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for independent publishing and to discover new and exciting publications that you might not have encountered otherwise.

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