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Jogging – Not the fast paced walking/run. I’m talking about a printing term of stacking paper neatly. #jogging


Jogging - Not the fast paced walking/run. I’m talking about a printing term of stacking paper neatly. #jogging

Used when finished printing to cut or shrink wrap in bindery area. It is also used to stack the paper for printing too.

It keeps it nice, neat and even. It can be done manually or by machine often called a jogger. It can also be done on printing press or printers too after it printed.

In printing, “jogging” refers to the process of aligning a stack of paper or other printed material into a neat and uniform pile. The term “jogging” comes from the action of jostling or shaking the stack of paper to cause the edges to align. This is typically done using a jogger machine, which uses vibration and air flow to align the edges of the sheets of paper.

Jogging is an important step in the printing process to ensure that the paper is properly aligned and to prevent issues such as jams or misfeeds in printing equipment. It is also used to prepare stacks of paper for binding, cutting, or other finishing processes.

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