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Month: February 2022


10 Likes​ – I have had this domain for awhile but recently started to blog more about graphic design and printing.

Quite Impose Custom Impose for Number Labels

Quite Impose Custom Impose for Number Labels with screenshots and a free printable version. #QuiteImpose

Carbonless Paper

Carbonless Paper also known as NCR meaning no carbon required. This paper makes a transfer copy to the other(s). #ncr #ncrpaper #carbonlesspaper


Thermography – A printing process where the ink is raised on the paper. #Thermography

Dog Ear Cut

Dog Ear Cut – Almost like a die-cut like these special cuts on these invites that come to a point at the top. No I am Not talking about docking or cutting a real dog. This one is about cutting paper!

Drop Cap

Drop cap – where the first letter of a paragraph is bigger than the rest, often 2-4 lines in height. It can be taller in some cases. #dropcap


Perforation – Makes it where you can tear off a section of paper to separate. It is similar how coupons are often done. #perforation

Paste Up

Paste Up – A method of printing that you pasted what you wanted on a special grid paper so it can get a picture taken of it, then a negative taken. From there a plate was made to go onto the printing press to print it. #PasteUp


Ligature – This is where two or more letters combine to become one letter instead of two. They bind together. #Ligature


CutContour A cut contour is often used on a plotter type of printer (like a Roland) that is used to print vinyl. That CutContour tells the plotter where it needs to cut after it prints it. #CutContour

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