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Slip Sheet

Slip Sheet – a slip sheet is used to help sort and organize your print jobs. #slipsheet

In Graphic Design Since High School

In Graphic Design Since High School – I have been doing graphic design since high school. #GraphicDesign

A-Z of Photography

The A-Z of Photography – this is an alphabetical list of all things dealing with photography starting with the letter A and ending with the letter Z. #Photography

A-Z of Graphic Design

The A-Z of Graphic Design – This is a list of Graphic Design terms using each letter of the alphabet form A-Z. #GraphicDesign The A-Z of Graphic Design A – Adobe Products B – Bleed C – Curves D –…


Kerning – This term is used in graphic design for the spacing between letters and/or words. #Kerning

4-Color Printing

4-Color Printing – The Method that printing presses print printed material. #CMYK #4ColorPrinting


A bleed in printing is where the printing goes beyond the crop marks so that when it’s cut to size the printing can go edge the edge. Some printers can do bleeds and others cannot. Check with them before you sent your design to be printed there. #Bleed #GraphicDesign


Leading is a typographic term in graphic design for the space between lines of type. #Leading


Font – It is what makes the words on printed and screened designs. #Font

Business Cards

Business Cards – usually a piece of paper with contact information on it. #BusinessCards

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